Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Part 6: november rain

Okay, I think the introduction is more than sufficient. On to “November Rain.” As I recall, the video made its debut on Fox late on a Friday night. Maybe it was after Arsenio Hall. The next day at my little league game everyone was talking about it. I pretended to have seen it but I actually didn’t, as I always liked to get a good night’s sleep before a big game (it’s what good athletes do).

The song clocks in at almost nine minutes. Kind of like “Freebird.” I think people should start yelling out “November Rain!” at concerts.

We start in Axl’s bedroom. He takes some pills and then goes to bed. At first he felt his room wasn’t creepy enough so he had them install a giant blue spotlight outside the window. I think that might be the reason for his bad dreams.

Cut to a Guns n’ Roses concert at Carnegie Hall.

This video has a non-linear timeline and this concert takes place after the events depicted in the rest of the video.

The conductor of the accompanying orchestra decided to go with a traditional tux w/ tails, cummerbund, and moustache.

Axl decided to go with a Sergeant Pepper jacket and matching bandana.
Apparently at some point in his career he switched his affiliation from the crips to the bloods.

Now we go back in time to when Axl was learning to play the piano. He practiced in an old church in the middle of nowhere because the acoustics were incredible, man.

Every once in a while he’d play outside. Look at those storm clouds on the horizon. Remember the name of the song? “November Rain.” Storm clouds usually mean rain. That’s called “foreshadowing” (it’s what good writers do).

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