Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Part 7: the wedding

Hey look, someone is getting married.

It's Stephanie.

Well doesn’t she look sweet in her dress and HOLY CRAP GET A LOAD OF THOSE GAMS!
Hotchuma hotchuma.

Uh oh, I sense some trepidation in Stephanie’s expression. Is it possible she’s having some regrets?

Axl sings the lyrics “Love is always coming love is always going.” More foreshadowing, kids.

Don’t you want to just punch Axl's smug face as hard as you can?

A flashback within a flashback? That’s what I call artsy! I believe this is the engagement party. Look how happy everybody is.

But perhaps Slash’s smile hides his true pain.

In fact, Slash (the best man) forgot the ring. A simple act of drug-induced forgetfulness, or an act of passive aggression?

Luckily Bass Player (the better man) has it.

Like Tom Cruise, Axl tries to promote his religion whenever possible. That pinky ring shows that he has pledged his loyalty to the Dark Lord Sauron.

Slash leaves the ceremony early.

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