Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Part 8: a note about Slash

Slash's reasons for leaving are twofold. One, he is in love with Stephanie. Two, every once in a while a great guitarist has to take a break to bust out an awesome guitar solo. It’s just an urge they have, not unlike a smoker’s urge to smoke or a non-smoker’s urge to pee.

Here are some other documented incidents of Slash taking an awesome solo break.

After he’s done with a solo he just tosses the guitar aside like a cigarette butt.

Let’s get back to November Rain and enjoy that solo a little bit longer.

After the ceremony we see another look of regret from Stephanie.

She gazes back into the church wondering, “Where’s Slash?”

If only he could express himself with words as well as he can express himself with notes.

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Anonymous said...

Cool song & solo ... I liked the ending more than the song ,, "YOU"RE NOT THE ONLY ONE >>>"